SELFIE PHENOMENON: What are we willing to risk for a photo?

Getting that perfect holiday snap is a priority for many of us, with some risking it all. One report found that we are 5 times more likely to die from a selfie than a shark attack – with an average of 43 people dying a year whilst taking a selfie.

But, how far are we willing to take it?

To find the answers, conducted a survey yielding 2,023 responses (999 females and 1024 males), to find out what we are willing to risk for a photo.

The Questions:

Respondents were asked if they agreed with any of the following statements, providing a simple yes or no answer. Furthermore, after each question participants were given the opportunity to explain their answer.

Statements% of respondents that agreed with the statement
It is very important to get a good photo on holiday93%
I would go to a destination purely to take a photo33%
I have risked my safety to take a photo41%
I would stand on the edge of a cliff to take a photo49%
I would go onto a train track to take a photo19%
I would climb a building/landmark to take a photo7%
I have injured myself for the sake of a good photo11%
I have endangered someone else for the sake of a good photo4%

The Results:

93% of respondents argued that it is extremely important to get a good photo on holiday, with 33% guilty of going to a destination purely to take a photo (44% of females and 22% of males).

Shockingly, 41% of respondents said they HAVE risked their safety to take a photo. One respondent even commented saying she had climbed onto her car to take a holiday snap.

When asked how far they would risk their safety for a selfie, 49% of respondents would stand on the edge of a cliff, 19% on a train track and shockingly 7% would climb a tall building or landmark.

Shockingly, it was recently found that standing on the edge of a cliff, a train track and climbing a building/landmark were the most common ways people die from taking a photo. The study found that men are more likely to risk their safety for a photo, with 61% of males saying they would stand on a cliff edge, compared to 38% of females.

Worryingly, 11% have injured themselves whilst taking a photo. A male respondent admitted he had fallen “halfway down a hill.”

The experts at revealed that men are more likely to injure themselves whilst taking a selfie – at 17% compared to only 5% of women.

Furthermore, 4% of respondents admitted to endangering someone else for the sake of a good photo.

Shockingly, one respondent admitted her friend had fallen off her bike, whilst trying to take a photo of her riding.

Another respondent stated that her friend had been knocked to the ground by a wave.

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