The Tokyo Footage & PR Video Collection, Offering Visual Assets for Promotions and Tourism of Tokyo, Has Been Updated

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau are taking advantage of the logo and the slogan, „Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New”, in efforts to effectively share the wonders of Tokyo both within Japan and abroad.

As part of this effort, the Tokyo Footage and PR Video assets have been updated. This collection was originally created for organizations and government offices, to be used for highlighting the wonders of Tokyo. The latest update of the collection includes new assets that capture the beauty of tourist attractions within Tokyo, as well as promotional footage.

The Tokyo Footage & PR Video Collection

The Tokyo Footage & PR Video collection has been updated and made available within the Tokyo Tokyo Official Website. The videos available on this website can be used in news coverage, as well as for public relations and industrial promotions for Tokyo. The visual assets can be used without charge on application basis.

Tokyo Tokyo Official Website:

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