„Closed” – Darmstadt, Germania 2020

Imagine you run a hotel and nobody is there. No guests sleep in your beds, no housekeeping whirls through the hotel, no cooks prepare a delicious breakfast for you, and no one sits behind the reception to greet guests.

However, the corona pandemic at the beginning of 2020 has made this a serious reality for many, whether solo artists, restaurateurs, teachers or retailers. A small virus forces humanity to pause, paralyzes the economy, brings tourism, art and culture to a complete standstill.

Seeing his hotel without life is a bizarre situation for the hotelier of the Best Western Hotel in Darmstadt, Frank Koch. But let Frank not put you off. He can be found in his hotel every day, is on hand to help and advise his staff and takes care of his hotel, which is currently celebrating its 54th anniversary.


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