Maslina Resort, Croatia – Opening Summer 2020

Maslina Resort, a five-star boutique resort situated in the stunning Maslinica Bay on Hvar Island, Croatia, is opening in summer 2020. 
Boasting 50 rooms and three villas, Maslina Resort holds wellness, family, culinary arts, cultural heritage, and authenticity at its core. Centrally located on the famous island of Hvar, Maslina is so private, yet so accessible, surrounded by olive groves and terraced vineyards, and stretches across two hectares of lush pine forest overlooking the crystalline Adriatic Sea. 

Mindful Luxury is the philosophy of Maslina Resort, developed by managing company Paradox Hospitality. It is evident not only in Maslina’s service, but throughout the design of its facilities.   Malina’s design fuses classic Mediterranean styles with contemporary French touches, respecting the nature already in place while using all-natural and locally-sourced materials. The low-intrusive architecture blends in with the island environment, while the integrated interior design is inspired by the four elements of nature. Custom-made interiors and carefully handpicked vintage pieces complete a space that is intimate, comfortable, and delicately designed with the guest in mind.
Maslina’s culinary focus embraces the UNESCO-protected Mediterranean Diet, with a contemporary edge. The mindful cuisine respects local ingredients, honors producers, and recognizes seasonality. It balances authenticity and spontaneity, traditional and modern, and local and global fare. 

Hvar is a health sanitarium, and wellness is the crux of Maslina Resort. The Pharomatiq Spa showcases a variety of facilities, and specializes in restorative experiences with a garden-to-skin inspired menu that uses home-grown, organic herbs, and locally sourced essential oils. Seasonal treatments and immersion programs combine western and eastern massage techniques, fitness, and mindfulness practices. 
The Kid’s Playroom offers educational programs around local culture, with water elements, a climbing wall, and a selection of entertaining and fun activities to enjoy with a qualified assistant on hand. From entertainment to education, families and children can partake in everything from cooking classes to cheese production and a range of fitness-oriented fun.

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