Top-10 Most Fascinating Lakes in Russia

Not only historic cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg tempt travelers to visit our country. In addition to cultural sights, Russian nature is a real treasure and boasts a rich variety of landscapes, from forests and mountains, to rivers and lakes… We invite you to take a look at the 10 most stunning lakes in Russia (according to the BASETOP rating).

Lake Baikal (southern Siberia, between Irkutsk Oblast and the Buryat Republic)

The second largest lake in Russia (after the Caspian Sea), the largest and the deepest freshwater lake in the world, Baikal is probably the first to come to mind when you think of the most picturesque “icon” place in Russia… (To visit Lake Baikal with Amparus Tour, check here.)

Lake Seydozero (the Kola Peninsula, Murmansk Oblast) 

The name of the lake is translated from the Sámi language as “sacred lake”. We can understand those who gave it this name – the lake is exceptionally beautiful!

Lake Malinovoye (Altai Krai)

The name of the lake Malinovoye in translation from Russian means raspberry, due to the bright pink color of the water. The lake looks fantastic – even surrealistic! – thanks to its invisible inhabitants, the Serratia salinaria bacteria which brings this stunning purple color to the lake.

Lake Onega (Republic of Karelia, Leningrad Oblast and Vologda Oblast)

The lake boasts a huge archipelago with more than 500 islands. The most famous of them is Kizhi – this island is an open-air museum with a unique complex of ancient wooden churches and other historical buildings. One of them, the Kizhi Pogost, is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. (To visit Kizhi with us, check here.)

Lake Kezenoy-am (Caucasus Mountains, Chechnya and Dagestan republics)

This is the deepest lake in the Caucasus Mountains. Located at an altitude of 1870 m above sea level, it is not easy to reach. However, it’s definitely worth trying!

Lake Shaitan (Kirov Oblast)

The special feature of the lake is its unique floating islands (“floating mats”) covered with bushes and little trees. The water is crystal-clear which makes the lake perfect for swimming during the summer months.

Lake Seliger (Tver Oblast)

Seliger is actually a huge system of lakes linked to each other. With the area of 212 square kilometres (82 square miles), it is one of the largest in Central Russia.

Lake Ladoga (Republic of Karelia and Leningrad Oblast)

Located pretty close to St. Petersburg (about 1.5 hour by train), this lake is a popular destination among the tourists visiting our northern capital. Ladoga hosts a number of unique sights: Valaam Island, Ruskeala Park, amazing waterfalls… 

Jack London Lake (Magadan Oblast)

According to a legend, the discoverers of this beautiful far-eastern lake found the Jack London’s book on its shores, and decided to call it after the famous author. Sounds unlikely, but very romantic!

Lotus Lake (Volgograd Oblast)

Located 20 km from the city of Volgograd, the lake attracts tourists with its exotic Indian and Caspian lotuses that blossom here each summer. The best months to visit the lake are July and August, when flowering is in full swing.

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