Casa Angelina – Chic and Secluded Boutique Hotel on the Amalfi Coast

Sitting on the high cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Casa Angelina offers a sublime slice of modern minimalism on the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on elegant simplicity and first-rate food. An airy refuge, the boutique 42-room hotel is a place where guests can rediscover the forgotten rhythms of long, drawn-out days and easy, lingering evenings. The hotel serves as a sanctuary, bearing a fresh, pared-back aesthetic and a white-on-white palette that accentuates both the sea and sky blues outside and the contemporary artworks on display inside.

Understated chic is Casa Angelina’s design ethos, and subtle details are the raison d’être: everything is immaculate, from the comforting and pristine white Etro cotton sheets dressing your bed right down to the carefully placed garnish of garden-grown herbs on your plate. 

Casa Angelina, the beautiful boutique hotel that sits high on the Amalfi Coast, looks forward to opening its doors to guests on July 1 and sharing its elegant home with people again. Their most recent video shares an emotional and uplifting tale of how the sublimity of the Amalfi Coast feels empty without the joy of summer visitors, but that they rejoice and take solace in the fact that they will soon be able to open their doors to life and embrace guests again.

Indeed, it may not be the right time to travel at this very moment, but it is definitely the time to dream about the destinations that await us. And from watching this video, it is not hard to understand why so many people are eager to walk into the open arms of Casa Angelina when it’s time to pack our bags and hop on a plane. Stepping into the hotel is like a breath of the freshest air. Casa Angelina is defined by a modern minimalist design and a clean-white colour palette. This luminous aesthetic both accentuates the colours of nature that surround the hotel and underscores the azure tones of the glistening sky and sea, which meet to form the most spectacular vista visible from the hotel. 

At Casa Angelina, an ambience of relaxation and style is omnipresent. Each of the bright 42 rooms come with everything you need for a comfortable stay, from pristine Etro cotton sheets to contemporary furnishings to iPads. State-of-the-art facilities, like the fully equipped wellness centre, the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and the luxury Beach Club, will keep guests at ease at all times. While for those who need to explore and have an adventure after so long indoors, Casa Angelina is a gateway to the natural and traditional secrets of the Amalfi Coast, providing guests tours, private excursions and a travel guide for the extraordinary cliff-glazed coastline. And Casa Angelina’s video will show you just a glimpse at the wonders in store for you in the Amalfi Coast. 

Annarita Aprea, Director of Sales and Marketing at Casa Angelina Lifestyle says “This is such an important project for us, and at a time like this it’s crucial to make a difference in the hospitality industry. The film reflects exactly how we feel: that Casa Angelina is a home away from home for our guests, and it really isn’t that same without them, the local people of the Amalfi Coast, and our employees that make Casa Angelina what it is.” 

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