Fodele Beach – Waterpark Resort Crete – Perfect Place for a Multigenerational Family Escape

Multigenerational holidays were on the rise before COVID-19, with polls from Virgin, EasyJet and Ryanair finding that 7 out of 10 families have had at least one. But after lockdown, they will likely skyrocket, because families will be free to embrace again. And what better way to celebrate this fresh reunion than by taking a holiday with your whole family, all together at last, appreciating the full depth of your bond. Luckily, there are some hotels out there built for multigenerational holidays, with activities for all the family to enjoy together. Fodele Beach & Water Park Resort is a shining example of such a hotel.

Sitting on a glistening cliffside on the Cretan coast in Heraklion, Fodele is the perfect destination for a multigenerational holiday, with an unhurried atmosphere in which you and your entire family can relax and have fun at your own pace. Just spending time together and catching up without a screen or a phone after lockdown will feel like a gift. But imagine doing so by the clear waters of a beach at your door, or on a sun lounger by the pool, or with a delicious and fresh dinner on a beautiful outdoor terrace overlooking the regal sea. This is what Fodele offers: a rewarding break for those looking to escape the treadmill of everyday life and take comfort in the company of their loved ones after so long apart.

But, of course, while you’re chilling out, the children will want to release all the energy they kept bottled up at home and keep entertained. Fortunately, Fodele is home to the largest hotel waterpark in the region, with many swimming pools and nine exhilarating, family-friendly waterslides, including a body slide, which older family members and children can ride together, a rafting slide on a swimming ring, and a black hole slide which propels you through a dark abyss adorned with starry lights. It’s a great way to relieve any additional stress an ordinary family holiday might bring. However, fun is not exclusive to children at Fodele: grandparents and parents regularly have just as magical a time at the waterpark as the children!

Grandparents, nowadays, are enjoying more active retirements, so many of them will want an adventure beyond just relaxing by the beach. And Fodele is the perfect place to experience such an adventure with a remarkable range of sports facilities. From basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, to archery ranges, to a mini-golf course, to football pitches and a fitness centre, all of which await you and your entire family, to enjoy fun, competitive games together under the warm Cretan sun.

If everyone is feeling especially energetic, you can take a family trip to explore Crete while staying active with a scenic mountain bike expedition. Whether you traverse the terrain alone or take a guided excursion with adventure bike tour company, you’ll have the precious bonding experience you’ve been looking for since lockdown passed while bearing witness to the majesty of the island’s natural landscapes.

With restrictions on non-essential travel to Europe set to ease from July 1, Fodele is opening its doors to guests, and will serve as the very pinnacle of destinations for a multigenerational holiday.

About Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort:

Located 25km west of Heraklion International Airport, Crete, Fodele Beach sits on a majestic cliffside, towering over the peaceful Cretan Sea, with a sandy beach right below the complex. Families will feel at home in the elegant range of guestrooms and bungalows which reflect centuries of Greek culture. Graced with glorious views, fragrant gardens, and memorable dining experiences of international cuisines, you will find a paradise at Fodele. No matter the kind of family holiday you’re after, Fodele Beach is the destination you’ve been looking for.

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort
Heraklion 71500 Crete, Greece

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