The Most Instagrammable Casinos in the World

  • Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is home to the most Instagrammable casino in the world, with over 1.7million instagram posts
  • Las Vegas is where you can find the most Instagrammable casinos, with Caesars Palace, MGM Grand and Bellagio making the list
  • Asia is home to some of the most instagrammable casinos such as Philippines, Singapore and Macau

Casinos have given many of us our favourite film and TV scenes as well as some big wins! According to recent Google trends data, interest in online casinos has doubled in recent months, what’s more there has also been a 150% increase in Brits enquiring about the best casino pay-outs. Clearly, people haven’t let lockdown stop their love of potentially winning big, with people still taking to live online casinos during lockdown.  

With many Casinos reopening their doors again for the first time in months, were interested in finding out which casinos are the most instagrammable to see where people may be heading first.

At the top of the list is Marina Bay Sands with awhopping 1.7 million hashtags! The Singapore-based casino is a clear favourite with enthusiasts across the world and takes the title of the most instagrammable casino.

Known for its appearance in the 2009 award-winning film The Hangover, in second placeis Caesars Palace with over 1.5 millon hashtags, followed by MGM Grand with 1.4 million hashtags. Caesars Palace and MGM Grand are among many of the casinos that are ready to open their doors again to the public, so why not start brushing up on your poker skills.

If you are a fan of Oceans Eleven, then you’ll already have heard of Bellagio which placed as the sixth most instagrammed casino. With 140,338 hashtagged posts it adds to the long list of Las Vegas choices. 18,575 posts behind Bellagio is Australia’s very own Crown Casino with 121,763 hashtags on Instagram. Amassing 32,000 Google searches on average each month it’s no surprise this private gambling club made it on the list.

Made even more popular by films like GoldenEye, Oceans Twelve and Monte Carlo, Casino Monte-Carlo is the eighth most instagrammable casino. With 93,881 hashtagged photos and an average 5,400 Google searches per month, no list is complete without it.

Macau has not only one, but two casinos make it to the list! The first being The Venetian with 71,727 hashtagged posts on Instagram, making it the ninth most instagrammable Casino found by Wynn Palace follows in 12th place with 43,770 pictures on Instagram.

Joining Macau and Singapore in representing Asian casinos, City of Dreams and Resorts World Sentosa placed in 14th and 15th place, completing the list. With 33,111 photos, City of Dreams can be found in Philippines. World Resorts Sentosa came last on the list with 24,411 photos on Instagram.

*Picture Credit – Shutterstock: Nejron Photo / Matej Kastelic

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