As the travel world moves out of lockdown, Purple outline below upcoming trends from our travel clients that highlight new transformations and changes in the new normal.

1. Bubble Travel

As governments slowly expand restrictions to allow for mid-size groups of five or six to socialise together, group travel is looking likely to make a resurgence with fixed groups. Innovative brands are expected to adapt their experience to ‘bubble travel’ where rewarding experiences can be created for groups that can still maintain a social distance from others that are not within the group.

As disruptor brand Generator re-opens the doors to its shared accommodation options, the brand is expecting to see individual groups book out their dorm category rooms, to allow for a cost effective group trip, which still offers the option of distancing from others whilst travelling. With dorm beds starting in Barcelona from €16.20, Generator offers the perfect set up for affordable and safe travel.

2. Autonomous Living

As travellers slowly build confidence, both business and leisure travellers continue to look for properties that offer the comfort of socially distanced travel. In light of varying international restrictions and quarantine periods for international arrivals, travellers are expected to take fewer trips but for longer durations at a time. It is a new priority for travellers to value in-room facilities and the option of living autonomously and contact-free should they wish.

Home-meets-hotel brand Locke has recently announced three further openings in the UK and a large expansion into Europe with openings planned in Dublin, Munich, Lisbon, Berlin and Copenhagen. The challenger brand offers a new way to travel by blending a traditional aparthotel format with the design, F&B and programming of a boutique lifestyle hotel.

3. Digital communities

Digital activity played a vital role in maintaining the energy and soul of travel brands alive following the global dip in travel. Through maintaining contact with grounded travellers around the world, the need to foster and engage digital communities has become an even higher priority for top brands around the world. In the competitive return to markets, the heightened importance of original, refreshing content will continue to be a key cornerstone for brands moving forwards.

At the beginning of the international lockdown, Bali-based beach club, hotel and creative centre Desa Potato Head pivoted to become a digital lifestyle brand, reflecting the essence of the physical property online. Potato Head solidified its the connection with their existing online community and began to engage with them in a whole new way.

Desa Potato Head’s program of curated and original content – dubbed #Goodtimesathome – was aired through Instagram, Facebook and their website. Potato Head has been running daily rituals reimagined for the modern world: explorative films, immersive reads, playlists from their favorite selectors and sustainable hacks for a better planet, virtual art exhibitions, morning music rituals as well as workouts and yoga sessions. Since the campaign started, engagement on social media increase by 457 % as well as 5.5 million impressions over the campaign period.

4. Outdoor dining

Combining F&B into a new future that incorporates social distancing has already seen brands innovatively adapting its outdoor spaces to accommodate diners. With food and drinks forming a key cornerstone of the experience for many hotels, outdoor dining will form a key part of the new normal.

Tuscan hotel and artist residency, Villa Lena, is utilising its 500 hectare grounds to its advantage with the introduction of its new Wild Dining concept. Offering a new creative dining concept with prepared food and recommended sites within its estate for diners to enjoy private lunches, Villa Lena guests will have a beautiful and romantic options to enjoy the farm-to-table restaurant’s creations.

5. The Great Outdoors

With scientific evidence pointing to the safety and security now found in the great outdoors, 2020 and beyond is widely accepted to see a resurgence in holidays focussed on getting back to nature. A poll conducted by The Points Guy shares that 88% of travellers will take a road trip, of which 47% will travel in their own state or district.

Lifestyle hospitality group LOGE brings forgotten motels close to towns and trails back to life to create a welcoming outdoor-adventure-focussed experience at each location. Offering a variety of ways to stay, from hotel rooms to hostel bunks and campsites, LOGE locations are inspired by the surf, climbing and camping culture of the 70’s and the relaxed energy of a road trip with friends. On 1st July, the brand will re-open all five of its unique properties across Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado.

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