Istanbul Airport to launch Privileged Service for Passengers aged 65+ years

Having proven itself as a global hub along with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technologies, and the outstanding travel experience offered to passengers, Istanbul Airport is launching privileged services for passengers aged 65+ years who are most affected by Covid-19.

Recognized among the best of its peers worldwide and a gamechanger breaking one stereotype after the other in aviation industry, Istanbul Airport has expanded its range of privileged services to include special services for passengers aged 65+ years. 

With flights resumed in June, thus bringing along a gradual increase in operational density, Istanbul Airport is now offering special services for passengers aged 65+ years who are most affected by Covid-19, with an eye to facilitate their travel and improve their airport experience. The special services that will be available for free or at a discount are aimed at maximizing the airport experience of passengers aged 65+ years. 

To facilitate their travel and, most importantly, to make their time spent at the airport more comfortable, passengers aged 65+ years who are considered high-risk in terms of Covid-19 and were locked down in their homes for some time to protect their health during the pandemic, will be able to benefit not only from the privileged services of İGA Pass, but also services like pharmacy, either for free or at a discount until 31st of December 2020. This special experience launched by Istanbul Airport will also include the services by Turkish Airlines. 

Passengers aged 65+ years to get the İGA special passenger services for free… 

For a privileged travel experience, passengers aged 65+ years who have been experiencing the most adverse impacts of Covid-19 can now benefit from the İGA Fast Track and İGA Buggy services by İGA Pass completely free of charge during the pandemic, thus attaining the opportunity of an even more enjoyable travel experience thanks to free Fast Track and Buggy services. 

In addition, passengers aged 65+ years will get a 35 % discount on İGA’s special passenger services İGA Meet & Greet, İGA Lounge and İGA Sleepod. Thus, only 65% of the actual service fee will be charged for these services. Offered with slogan “65+ pays only 65%”, these services aim at a safe and comfortable travel experience for passengers in an advanced age group. 

Passengers aged 65+ years to get privileged service also in healthcare and pharmacies… 

The privileged services now offered at Istanbul Airport for passengers aged 65+ years get even more special with the inclusion of healthcare services and pharmacies. Having partnered with Şafak Health Group, Istanbul Airport is now offering its passengers aged 65+ years 20% discount on private medical examination fees, along with free-of-charge transport to their boarding gate with a medical car, accompanied by a physician. 

Moreover, certain services of contracted pharmacies at Istanbul Airport such as handling of medications, blood pressure measurement and the like are now furnished free of charge for passengers aged 65+ years. Along with that, passengers in this age group get 15% discount on all non-medication products, while hygiene products like masks, hand sanitizers, medication boxes etc. are offered completely free of charge, subject to availability. On top, passengers aged 65+ years requesting delivery of medication to their current location in the terminal will get their medication delivered together with special gifts. 

“Passengers aged 65+ years are always held in high esteem”

Commentating on the privileged services recently launched at Istanbul Airport for passengers aged 65+ years, Kadri Samsunlu, CEO and Director General at İGA Airport Operation Inc, made following statements: “Elderly people aged 65 years and over are of great value to us. By decision of our government, people of this age group were locked down in their homes for some time to protect their health during the pandemic. In a sense, it is our duty to protect them, make life easier for them. We have launched certain privileged services and products to facilitate travel for passengers aged 65+ years and make the time they will spend at Istanbul Airport more comfortable. With this mindset, we are aiming to turn the travel experience of these passengers into an experience of pure joy. Turkey’s flag carrier Turkish Airlines has also joined this new practice to maintain integrity in passenger services. As you know, our primary post-coronavirus objective at Istanbul Airport is to prove ourselves as ‘an airport that gives maximum priority to safety and hygiene’. To that end, we have obtained the Airport Pandemic Certificate and become the first airport in Turkey to sign the Covid-19 Aviation health Safety Protocol. As the ‘most socially distanced’ airportin terms of hygiene, we are continuing to work at full pace to offer all our passengers a unique airport experience.” 

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