World’s coolest activities await in Arctic Europe

Moose safaris and Northern Lights without snow? World’s coolest activities tease all your senses in Arctic Europe.

In autumn, escape to a place that wakes up all your senses and lets you have space all for yourself. In the world’s coolest region, in Arctic Europe, you can experience moose safaris and enjoy the magical Northern Lights, in just a couple of days. In the northernmost parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway, pure Arctic nature is combined with high-class service – not forgetting the region’s utmost care to hygiene and safety measures.   In the world’s coolest region, one would expect things are done a little differently. And they are. In Arctic Europe, neighboring regions in three countries with original cultures, varied landscapes, Aurora Borealis and Santa Claus, are joined together in an innovative co-operative marketing project that enables the whole region to influence different markets more effectively. This approach pays dividends to all: the visitors can experience Arctic pure nature in a variety of high-class services in the whole region.   Experience Northern Lights in early September – and not in snow The most important reasons to travel to Arctic Europe are impressive by all standards. In just a short space of time, visitors can experience space and nature, world’s cleanest air and water, certified sustainable destinations – and all this whilst avoiding the crowds.   One of the highlights of visiting the region in Autumn is experiencing Northern Lights – this time in trainers, not snow boots. In autumn, Northern Lights are visible in Arctic Europe starting from early September, meaning that you can enjoy the magical show in your lighter autumn gear, not wrapped up in puffer jackets and heavy snow boots.   There’s also a chance to see “double auroras”, when northern lights reflect from a calm, unfrozen lake.   One can experience Northern Lights as soon as the nights get dark. In most parts of Arctic Europe that is from the beginning of September but in the northernmost parts already in end of August. Open spaces with good view to the north are the best places to see the Northern Lights.  

Autumn activities in Arctic Europe   Autumn is a comfortable time to be active in the nature as it’s not too warm or too cold. In autumn, a visitor can experience most summer-activities but also have a chance to see the northern lights in the night.   Autumn is also the most colourful season as leaves and fells turn golden and red. Foraging is great when berries and mushroom get ripe. You can enjoy a meal made of these fresh ingredients in a local restaurant or learn to prepare them yourself, guided by a professional. A list of Arctic activities to enjoy in autumn:

  • hiking or biking in crisp clean air
  • foraging: picking berries and mushrooms
  • Northern Lights – not in snow
  • kayaking, fishing and king crab
  • husky cart tours
  • attractions and museums
  • sea safari/riverboat safari 
  • Northernmost point of Europe – North Cape
  • ATV-safari
  • Whale watching
  • A taste of Sáme lifestyle
  • Cave adventures
  • Sauna
  • Canoeing in Beaver land
  • Moose safari and “Wild locals” animal safaris
  • Wildlife and nature photo tour
  • White water rafting
  • Ice hotel and tree hotel

Post-Covid19 and travelling in Arctic Europe   In post-corona times, in the thinly populated Arctic Europe you can have space all for yourself and enjoy the region that pays utmost care to safety and hygiene measures. Arctic Europe is easily accessible from all corners of the world; it’s accessible by air through international airports like Rovaniemi in Finland, Kiiruna in Sweden, and Tromså in Norway, and also by road, rail and sea. Once in the region, a visitor can travel through Arctic Europe easily on Arctic Route that combines bus and train transportation in parts of all three countries. Within the countries there are flight, ferry and bus connections and some cross-border connections and rental cars are available in the whole area. Many companies offer flexible booking arrangements in these uncertain times.   By combining destinations, you can see the best variation of what Arctic Europe has to offer. Make sure to reserve enough time in each destination, so that you can experience activities in the nature and feel calm and relaxed. And if you are short of time, you can always explore just one destination. But in order to get most out of your trip, try spending at least 5 days in Arctic Europe and experience all that the unique destination has to offer.  

More information and pictures:

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