9 of the Most INSTAGRAMMABLE Yoga Retreats

  • At the top of the table with more than 74,000 followers is the Six Sense Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles. However, it is one of the least tagged on Instagram
  • Amanpuri in Thailand is the fifth most followed but has the highest volume of hashtags with more than 15,470 tagged photos on Instagram
  • Song Saa Private Island had the lowest number of followers with just under 1,000 but has a high volume of hashtags with 3,604 guests posting about their stay

It’s no secret that we are all in need of a well-deserved break, especially after the last couple of months, and with all the new skills and hobbies we’ve picked up, a yoga retreat is the perfect getaway. 

It seems “Yoga Retreat” is proving a popular holiday choice around the globe with an overwhelming 1,400% search increase so far this year, as well as 52,500 average monthly searches.

Following this, GolfSupport.com wanted to look into some of the most popular and Instagrammable retreats around the world to visit to refill your feed with some beautiful #NoFilter hotspots.

Yoga RetreatLocationFollowersHashtagNumber of Hashtags
Six Senses Zil PasyonSeychelles  74,900#simplysixsenses1,469
Amanyara ResortTurks and Caicos59,000  #Amanyara  11,667
Sanará TulumMexico39,000#SanaraTulum4,409
Byron at ByronAustralia32,100#ByronatByron3,210
Amanpuri  Thailand29,200#Amanpuri15,470
COMO Shambhala EstateBali12,800#comoshambhalaestate2,996
Mii AmoMexico11,000#Miiamo2,988
Yoga Rosa RetreatIbiza3,854  #yogarosaretreats452
Song Saa Private IslandCambodia790#songsaaprivateisland3,604


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