Beautiful and ephemeral dancing of goldfish.
Live performing arts of traditional Japanese dances.
Fine feeling of the nature of subtle season transition.

The dynamism of life inspires this museum,
fulfilling compellingly beautiful Japanese aesthetic.

Since putting myself in the world of Aquarium,I have met many fish in many countries. Because I have started my job from collecting marine fish from worldwide, I was attracted to the colorful beautiful fish which are natural grace of the sea.
Of course I still have this feeling but since I started my activity as ART AQUARIUM artist, I have been deeply attracted to the mysterious beauty and the look of natural simplicity Goldfish (Kingyo) has.

When I come up with an art which is completed by putting fish inside, I inevitably tend to choose goldfish.
The reason is probably because goldfish itself is an artwork created by human hand.
As a person creating art, I believe I am attracted to art.

When I hold an exhibition as ART AQUARIUM artist, I always make Japonism area and express Japan with my artwork using goldfish.
This is my attempt as Japanese and as sending new art from Japan to the world.
Thankfully, this Japonism artwork and space always get high reputations.
I am so delighted to be able to hold exhibition in various places with these artworks.
Through my Japanese like artwork, I am able to tell Japanese culture to many people.

I am producing the exhibition, always hoping that people will experience the Aquarium sublimating as art and feel the message put inside.
The ART AQUARIUM I create is fusion of product, space design, direction and ecosystem in the Aquarium tank.
Beyond the technology to catch people’s heart, there lies natural beauty this earth has created.
goldfish is created by human hands but there is no doubt that it is in the providence of nature.

I hope from the encounter with my artwork, people will be able to feel a “small notice”, wanting to protect beautiful thing.

Greeting from ART AQUARIUM Artist, Hidetomo KIMURA

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