Fresh, sustainable and high quality

Lufthansa announces partnership with dean&david and Dallmayr for new catering concept

In autumn 2020, Lufthansa announced that it would soon be offering Economy Class passengers a range of high-quality food and beverages for purchase on board short- and medium-haul flights.

The airline has now decided on its catering partners: With dean&david, Lufthansa was able to win over a young gastronomy company from Munich that represents freshness, quality and a sense of responsibility – for healthy food, high-quality ingredients and sustainable nutrition as well as environmentally friendly packaging. The culinary offer, which will be available on flights with a duration of at least 60 minutes, will be high quality and full of variety. Gate Gourmet, Lufthansa’s new main caterer for Europe, prepares essential components of the assortment, such as salads, bowls, wraps and sandwiches, fresh daily according to dean&david recipes. The menu includes a salmon avocado bowl, falafel tahini salad, crunchy chicken bowl or sweet chilli chicken sandwich as well as freshly made Birchermuesli. There will also be „Best of dean&david Boxes“ with a fine selection from the dean&david assortment.

The menu selection will be complemented by cake specialities and snacks from other manufacturers, such as vegetable crisps. The prices for meals and snacks will range from two to about 12 Euros. The range of fresh products will be updated every three months.

Lufthansa will be expanding its long-standing cooperation with the traditional Munich-based company Dallmayr for hot beverages, confectionery and patisserie specialties. One highlight of this assortment is the project coffee Dano. The name stands for a cultivation region in Ethiopia. Dallmayr supports local people there with projects such as building a school and establishing a coffee cooperation. The product range is complemented by various organic teas, such as Alpine Herbs and First Flush Darjeeling, as well as chocolate milk. Furthermore, chocolates from the Dallmayr praline factory and a selection of cake specialities in cooperation with Gate Gourmet will also be offered.

There will also be a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. A bottle of tomato juice or orange juice, for example, will be available for three Euros, as will a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea. A bottle of water and a small chocolate surprise will be served free of charge.

The focus of the new in-flight offer is on quality, freshness and sustainability. Christina Foerster, Executive Board Lufthansa Group Customer, IT & Corporate Responsibility, explains: „Our partners dean&david and Dallmayr represent outstanding quality and responsible action. In addition to the satisfaction of our guests, the topic of responsibility for the environment is also very important to us. We use almost exclusively sustainable materials for our packaging. Furthermore, we ensure that less food is wasted through more accurate production. We are pleased to be able to offer our passengers fresh products on European flights that taste delicious.“

The new food and beverage offer scheduled to be available on Lufthansa’s short- and medium-haul flights starting in in the course of the summer timetable 2021. Orders will be placed directly on board.

2020, a turbulent year in travel: despite a massive decline last year there are signs of a market recovery by 2023

Travel restrictions are affecting Summer vacation plans – Domestic tourism not impacted as severely by the pandemic – Technological innovations, personalised travel services and the current low volume of travel could trigger a resurgence of the travel industry.

2020 stood out in many ways but it was dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The spread of the coronavirus changed the everyday lives of billions, and for many companies it triggered an economic crisis. Nevertheless, there is cause for hope. Despite the crises of 2020, a global decline in arrivals and consequent business losses, according to the forecasts of the Mobility Market Outlook (MMO) released by the data and market research institute Statista. The global travel and tourism market is set to recover fully from the coronavirus pandemic by 2023 and achieve record turnover figures. According to Statista’s MMO the global travel and tourism revenue for 2021 is forecasted to increase by over 50% compared to 2020. New revenue records can be expected from 2023 onwards; for 2025 the MMO experts even predict a revenue growth of almost 23% versus the success year 2019.

Statista projects a 55% loss of turnover in the tourism industry for 2020. According to UNWTO figures, between 1950 and 2019 annual international arrivals increased from 25 million to almost 1.5 billion, by a total of 5,744%. By contrast, in October 2020, year-on-year international tourism arrivals fell by 72%. 

Restrictions due to the pandemic and government policies have severely impacted the travel industry: travel restrictions are affecting summer vacations plans

Looking back on travel in 2020, the tourism industry has been heavily impacted by the restrictions put in place by national governments due to the pandemic. Various statistics show that those months, in which strict measures were issued to contain its spread, were particularly challenging for the tourism sector. 

Domestic tourism has not been impacted as severely by the pandemic as international tourism: domestic tourism is expected to recover as early as 2022

Projections by Statista based on WTTC, WorldData and OECD figures show that domestic tourism markets in Germany and other popular countries have not been impacted as severely by the coronavirus pandemic as international tourism. In 2019 domestic tourism accounted for close to 259 billion euros, 85% of Germany’s domestic tourism revenues, whereas for 2020 the share is projected to be 91% (approx. 173 billion euros). Accordingly, turnover in Germany’s international tourism market is forecast to shrink by over 60 %, from approximately 45 billion to around 16 billion euros. At the same time domestic tourism is expected to recover as early as 2022, with turnover reaching 2019 levels.

Technological innovations, personalised travel services and the current low volume of travel could trigger a resurgence of the travel industry

Both industry experts and large travel companies expect the market to recover rapidly. Thus, the tour operator TUI recently declared that travel in summer 2021 would be “normal”. Due to constantly changing circumstances (e.g., how vaccination progresses, lockdown periods), experts’ forecasts must be treated with caution and regularly re-assessed in line with current developments. Nevertheless, it is expected that people will have a desire to catch up on the last few months of missed travel experiences as soon as possible. Furthermore, trends that are likely to take off in the tourism industry in the near future are becoming apparent. Experts at Statista forecast that technological innovations in particular will have a positive impact on the industry, e.g., AI-based, personalised services and innovative forms of presenting tourism services with VR. Thus, the current low volume of travel together with technological innovations could spur a rapid recovery of the industry.

About Statista

Established in 2007, Statista has 900 employees at 12 locations on four continents. Statista is a leading data and business intelligence platform and provides international market and consumer surveys. Statista’s Research & Analysis division augments the platform’s services by providing individual market research, data research, data analyses and data modelling, as well as graphic data visualisation.


Centara Expansion in 2021

Thailand-based hotel group expands into two new destinations including Vang Vieng, Laos, and Khao Yai, Thailand

 Centara Hotels & Resorts, Thailand’s leading hotel operator, expands its footprint in Southeast Asia, following the signing of Hotel Management Agreements (HMAs) for one resort in Khao Yai, Thailand, and two resorts in Vang Vieng, Laos, adding 304 keys to Centara’s group portfolio.

In Laos, Centra by Centara Riverside Resort Vang Vieng (formerly Thavisouk Island Hotel) and Thavisouk Riverside Resort & Spa Vang Vieng, Centara Boutique Collection (formerly Thavisouk Riverside Hotel) are located on the opposite sides of the Nam Song River, connected by a private bridge linking the two properties. The two rebranded riverside properties are expected to open in Q4, 2021 following the completion of significant refurbishment programmes.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Thavisouk, and to draw on their wealth of local expertise and hospitality experience for Centara’s expansion in this beautiful country. Our values of treating our guests and employees like family are closely aligned, and I am excited to offer new destinations for guests who seek authentic travel experiences surrounded by nature,” said Thirayuth Chirathivat, CEO of Centara Hotels and Resorts.

Rooms at Thavisouk Riverside Resort & Spa Vang Vieng, Centara Boutique Collection, are housed in five low-rise buildings, ranging from 40 to 136 sqm. The resort also features a spa and riverside restaurant, looking out over the town’s iconic karst rock formations.

On the opposite side of the river, the all-suite Centra by Centara Riverside Resort Vang Vieng offers one of the largest room sizes in the town, starting at a spacious 52 sqm for the one-bedroom standard, with larger one-bedroom corner suites measuring 55 sqm. The family-friendly resort features a rooftop restaurant, swimming pool, and meeting rooms ranging from 50 to 100 sqm for unique MICE events.

With the recent opening of the new Vientiane-Vang Vieng expressway in December 2020, Vang Vieng is located approximately just an hour drive from Luang Prabang.

“Signing this management agreement with Centara Hotels & Resorts represents a milestone for us. Since we started in 2002, we have grown alongside the destination to become the largest hotel operator in the city, and we are excited to leverage Centara’s international reach to present Vang Vieng to a wider audience,” said Bounsong Khammang, owner of Thavisouk Hotels & Resorts.

Based in Vang Vieng, Laos, Thavisouk Hotel & Resorts was founded nearly two decades ago with just 40 rooms; today, it is the biggest hospitality group in the city with more than 300 rooms.

Another new addition to the Centara Boutique Collection, Roukh Kiri Khao Yai Hotel is nestled within the lush and mountainous landscape Khao Yai National Park, one of Thailand’s largest national parks just three hours from Bangkok. Featuring 12 contemporary barn-styled villas perched on a hill overlooking the valley, the intimate, luxurious resort combines contemporary living with the beautiful simplicity of the great outdoors. This is Centara’s first hotel in the beautiful Khao Yai destination.

The HMA signings of Centra by Centara Riverside Resort Vang Vieng; Thavisouk Riverside Resort & Spa Vang Vieng, Centara Boutique Collection; and Roukh Kiri Khaoyai Hotel, Centara Boutique Collection, are the latest in the Centara Hotels and Resorts group’s steady path of growth, and follows the group’s seven other management deals signed in 2020 for resorts in Myanmar, Oman, Vietnam and Thailand.

For more information, please visit Centara’s website at

8 lucruri pe care trebuie să le știi înainte de a pleca în Turcia

Turcia e o țară fascinantă din multe puncte de vedere. Când ajungi aici te cuceresc peisajele, te intrigă istoria și te îmbie mâncarea.

Indiferent că ai ales un city break sau ai optat pentru un sejur in Turcia mai lung, e important să știi câteva lucruri despre cultura turcilor, pentru a îți crea așteptări realiste de la vizita în această țară.

Ela, Belek

Am aduna câteva sfaturi pe care poți să le iei în calcul înainte de a alege să petreci o vacanta in Turcia.

• Pentru a călători în Turcia ai nevoie de un pașaport valabil încă 6 luni de la data întoarcerii în țară.

Dacă plănuiești să pleci în Turcia și știi că trebuie să îți faci/refaci pașaportul, programează-te din timp – încearcă să faci asta în timpul iernii sau la începutul primăverii. De cele mai multe ori, vara este foarte aglomerat și găsești greu un loc disponibil pentru programare.

• Poți ajunge în Turcia cu avionul – sunt disponibile două aeroporturi în Istanbul, Sabiha și Ataturk, iar un al treilea aeroport în Antalya.

Ela, Belek

Găsești frecvent zboruri către Turcia, iar în timpul sezonului estival, sunt foarte multe pachete cu charter inclus.

O altă variantă de a ajunge în Turcia poate fi o călătorie cu mașina – distanța poate fi însă destul de mare și ar fi recomandat să alegi să înnoptezi undeva pe parcurs.

• Traficul în Turcia este destul de greoi și imprevizibil, motiv pentru care necesită o atenție sporită atât pentru conducătorii auto cât și pentru pietoni.

• Accesul la internet în Turcia este costisitor dacă folosești planurile tarifare din România, deoarece nu se află pe lista țărilor în care pot fi folosite beneficiile disponibile în țară.

 • Locurile în care este disponibil gratuit semnal Wi-fi sunt destul de rare, iar acolo unde el există, este de obicei slab.

• Limba engleză nu este foarte răspândită în Turcia, însă e posibil să întâlnești oameni care știu câteva cuvinte în limba română.

Turcii sunt foarte comunicativi de fel, însă bariera lingvistică poate deveni o problemă atunci când ai diverse nevoie foarte specifice.

E ideal să ai un ghid, dacă este posibil, sau un dicționar care să îți fie de folos atunci când ai nevoie să comunici direct cu localnicii.

• Turcii adoră să negocieze și asta se simte în zumzetul constant pe care îl auzi atunci când intri într-un bazar.

Negocierea face parte din cultura lor și de multe ori e acompaniată de un ceai fierbinte, chiar și în miezul verii, când temperaturile se apropie de 40 de grade celsius.

Ela, Belek

• Turcia e un paradis pentru iubitorii de cumpărături. Găsești aici tot felul de produse la prețuri accesibile, de la haine și bijuterii, la decorațiuni și suveniruri.

• Dacă ai în plan să mergi la cumpărături și călătorești cu avionul, asigură-te că ai spațiul necesar în bagaje și nu depășești greutatea permisă – altfel, va fi nevoie să achiți o diferență la întoarcerea în țară.

• Sunt anumite zone din Turcia unde e necesară o atenție ridicată asupra îmbrăcăminții.

Deși majoritatea orașelor sunt cosmopolite și moderne, există și anumite locuri unde eticheta cere ca îmbrăcămintea să nu fie sumară.

E recomandat să întrebi dacă sunt anumite reguli impuse înainte de a vizita un anumit loc.

Turcia e cu siguranță un loc în care merită să ajungi cel puțin o dată în viață, deși după ce dai de gustul culturii locale, cu siguranță vei vrea să te întorci.

Ține totuși cont de recomandările de mai sus, pentru a nu fi luat prin surprindere.

Oman’s Alila Hinu Bay open May 1

Here’s what to expect at the soon-to-open hotel on Oman’s untouched south-west coast

Oman’s newest hotel is almost ready to open its doors. The Alila Hinu Bay is now open for reservations from May 1. The hotel has shared its first set of pictures, offering travellers a sneak peek of what to expect from the soon-to-open resort.

Located on Oman’s south-west coast, Alila Hinu Bay lies around 80 kilometres from Salalah International Airport. For those who prefer road tripping, it’s reachable overland from the UAE – but expect a lengthy 13-hour car ride.

Spanning 45 hectares, the hotel is nestled between the peaks of Jebel Samhan on one side and the waters of the Arabian Sea on the other. It has been designed to blend in with its surroundings, so there’s not a high-rise building in sight. Instead, the five-star property draws on its Omani roots, welcoming guests with traditional touches such as falaj water features and Omani arch-style corridors.

Like Alila Jabal Akhdar, the hotel’s sister property in Oman, this resort is big on sustainability. It has been developed to respect its nature-filled surrounds and built in adherence to Earth Check operating standards to regulate the use of energy, water, paper and more.

Reservations are open for stays from Saturday, May 1, but the hotel’s exact opening date could be moved up.

“We are expecting to open in March, however, due to Covid-19 travel restrictions etc, the date is not confirmed yet. Our booking system is now open from May 1 and beyond,” a spokeswoman for the hotel told The National.

Alila Hinu Bay has been built on a stretch of private beach and the surrounding area is dotted with tropical natural palm trees. This part of Oman is a haven for wildlife so travellers shouldn’t be surprised to see wild camels wandering along the shoreline. Guests also have direct access to the Arabian Sea where there’s an incredible spectrum of marine life to be found.

The resort has 112 rooms and villas and each has an outdoor terrace that looks out on to either mountain, creek or sea views. The 16 villa suites also come with their own private pool and butler service.

There are two infinity swimming pools – one for families and another that’s reserved for adults only. The Spa Alila will offer a variety of treatments using only natural, handmade products. Tennis courts and a children’s play area offer some on-site activities and there’s also water sports and mountain treks on offer for those who want something a bit more high-octane.

Dining options consist of Seasalt, which makes the most of its oceanside location by serving up Asian-inspired seafood dishes. The Orchard has a farm-to-table concept with the majority of ingredients grown either on site or in the local area. For guests lounging poolside, the Oasis pool bar serves refreshments and the Arabian-inspired Lobby Lounge is another option for light bites and drinks with ocean vistas. Private dining experiences on the beach can also be arranged upon request.

The fishing town of Mirbat in Oman is relatively untouched, making it ripe with things to discover. The ancient Bin Ali’s tomb and Mirbat Castle along with the Old Merchant Houses are worth a visit, as is the Mirbat Public Garden.

Nearby, Khor Rori is largest natural reserve in Dhofar. The Teeq caves and Tawi Atair sinkhole are also close enough for a visit and taking in the sunset from the viewpoint on Jabal Samhan is a must-do. Those travelling to the resort during Khareef season will see it bloom green as the Omani coastline catches the end of the African monsoon season.

Anyone planning a visit to Oman currently needs to self-isolate on arrival for seven days. Visitors coming to Abu Dhabi from the Sultanate do not need to quarantine as Oman is on the UAE’s ‚green list‘ of countries.

Visit Elba | Napoleon at Elba: 5 things that few people know about the Emperor’s exile on the island

Between myths and ambitious projects, 5 interesting facts that few people know about Napoleon’s stay at the Elba Island


The staff of Elba Island are working to put together a rich schedule of events to celebrate its most illustrious guest starting May 2021

Elba Island has been at the top of Italians‘ preferences for vacation destinations, despite current difficulties, the island is now looking forward to the next 12 months with a major event that will enliven the island.

2021, will be an important year for Elba Island due to the bicentenary of Napoleon Bonaparte, an iconic moment that will involve and attract visitors who have already chosen the wild island of Elba as their holiday destination.

For the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death, the aim is to create a „Napoleonic week“ that will turn into an annual ritual. The Staff will set up a full immersion adventure of history, culture, and education, with events spread throughout the island aimed at adults, young people, and children.

„We are currently in touch with major international associations such as The European Federation of Napoleonic Cities and Route Napoleon, together we are organizing this important anniversary in order to involve all the island’s municipalities and leading national organizations to create, from May onwards (and then throughout the 2021 summer season), an agenda with unique events to highlight Elba’s great heritage, often unknown,“ said Niccolò Censi, Coordinator of the Island of Elba’s Tourism Association.

5 curiosities that few people know about the emperor on Elba Island

Napoleon Bonaparte landed on Elba Island on May 4th in 1814, in Portoferraio, where it is still possible to see the exact location where the first French emperor landed. From that moment until February 27th, 1815, the life of the Elban community was turned upside down by the Napoleon’s presence, his traces are still everywhere nowadats. While we wait to celebrate the bicentenary of his death, let’s discover five curiosities that few people know about Elba and Napoleon that characterized the general’s stay on the island, amidst clashes, visionary projects and romantic legends.

A home in every city for the emperor’s sleepless nights

Napoleon slept four hours per night, and it was more than enough. He has great passions in philosophy and science, gardening, and engineering. To maintain his scholarly and intellectual habits, the French general managed to set up a residence in almost every town on his route as a place of comfort and quiet. There are villas and rooms that trace Napoleon’s steps all over Elba Island; after the first night on the island, the banished emperor had chosen Palazzina dei Mulini (The Mills Building) as his first residence. The residence was used as a defensive system by the Medici dynasty, it is located between Forte Falcone and Forte della Stella. Palazzina dei Muluni is named after the historical presence of windmills on the site. It seems that Napoleon spent many of his nights in these gardens, strolling around and contemplating a new revenge. He also had Villa San Martino, located in the middle of the island’s hinterland, adjusted as a summer residence. The house was supposed to be a love nest to share with his wife Maria Luisa, but she never joined him in the end.

In addition to the famous Villa dei Mulini and Villa San Martino in Portoferraio, it is not common knowledge that Bonaparte also had rooms set up within the walls of Forte San Giacomo in Porto Azzurro, while in Rio, ( a small town located in the Island) there is an ancient villa that used to be a government palace where Napoleon spent his time.

The perfect farm: The San Martino wine project

Bonaparte is historically credited with having established the first Elban wine DOC, recognizing the value of the Aleatico wine thanks to the recovery of the Emperor’s Privilege, a document that can be considered a groundbreaking DOC. Napoleon’s passion for wine was transpired during his stay on the Island of Elba, it got translated into an ambitious project to create a wine-growing estate and a hunting reserve around San Martino, where he had various vineyards planted near the beautiful residence. There were two labels – the red Côte de Rio, inspired by the red colour of the mountains full of minerals, and the white Monte Giove that recalled the granite of the homonymous peak, calculating precisely from the 1815 harvest (which he was unable to see) how many barrels he would have obtained.

Secret documents and fake identities: Madame Mère’s passport

Hidden in Portoferraio, among the documents kept in the historical archives of the Island of Elba, there is the passport used by Maria Letizia Ramolino, Napoleon Bonaparte’s mother, an Italian aristocrat from Corsica, known as „Madame Mère“. On August 2nd, 1814, under the false name of Madame De Pont, at almost 65, Madame Mère climbed onto the deck of the English brick Grasshoper anchored in Livorno to reach Elba, travelling to see her son and ready to support him even during his fall.

The Adventures of the Theatre of Vigilants

Built in Portoferraio thanks to Napoleon, who had the old, deconsecrated church of the Carmine transformed, the Teatro dei Vigilanti is still functioning today and hosts a rich program of performances every year. The theatre’s construction, however, was not easy for Napoleon, who did not receive any tax payments despite the establishment of the Principality, nor the life annuity promised by France. To find the money required for the theatre’s construction, he put the 65 stages up for sale to the city’s aristocrats, causing a competition among all those who wanted to demonstrate their social importance.

His sister Pauline organized the Carnival ball here the day before Napoleon’s flight on February 26th, 1814, to disguise the forthcoming turn of events to allow her brother to bid farewell to the Portoferraio society.

The legend of Vantina

Napoleon’s stay on the Island of Elba inspired many folktales that have been passed down through the alleys of the island’s villages for generations. The legend of the Vantina, told by the elderly in the squares of Capoliveri, is one of them. Due to the excessive taxes imposed by the exiled emperor, a sudden uprising occurred in Capoliveri, leading Napoleon to gather his troops and a twelve-pound battery of cannons to raze the stronghold of Capoliveri to the ground. The question was: „What to do but try to negotiate?“ Everybody was looking at the perfect candidate and ultimately agreed to appoint Vantina, the beautiful daughter of master Vantini, with the task to represent and save the entire community. It is said that one look was enough to win the heart of Napoleon who, convinced by Vantina’s humble and kind manners, he decided to withdraw his soldiers, sparing Capoliveri and its inhabitants.

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EALA 5-star L – our hotel on Lake Garda with 5 stars

An exclusive luxury hotel in Limone sul Garda

The dream of a perfect holiday comes to life on the shores of Lake Garda, in a hotel with 5 stars that shapes the definition of absolute well-being for body and soul. Our exclusive 5-star L hotel on Lake Garda is inspired by and owes its name to a wonderful animal that has always lived on the shores of Lake Garda: the swan, eala in Celtic. An elegant animal, with an innate grace, to which many symbolic meanings have been attributed over time. Among all of them, we have chosen the one that best represents what our hotel with 5 stars on Lake Garda wishes to offer its guests: a journey of discovery of one’s self and inner beauty. In the 1,500 m2 spa, in the elegant suites, and in the parc and on the private beach body and soul embark on a journey in which they rediscover tranquillity, relaxation, and themselves.


AlUla, The World’s Masterpiece, is one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula and home to Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

A land rich in historical, geological and geographical significance, this ancient city, once at the crossroads of The Silk Road and The Incense Route, has only recently been re-discovered by the world.

AlUla is a place of extraordinary human and natural heritage.

We invite you to come journey through a living museum of preserved tombs, sandstone outcrops, historic dwellings and monuments, both natural and human-made, that hold 200,000 years of largely unexplored human history. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been a crossroads of ancient civilizations — a place of deep history, but one that is constantly evolving. AlUla is an extraordinary example of this and you can soon help write the next pages of its history.

For thousands of years, northwest Saudi Arabia attracted people who came to take advantage of the abundant resources offered by its fertile oases.

AlUla was one of them, and became a vital crossroads along the famous incense-trading routes running from southern Arabia north into Egypt and beyond. With oases dotting the area, it offered a much-needed respite for weary travelers, becoming a popular place to rest, commune and recharge.

AlUla was also capital of the ancient kingdoms of Dadan and Lihyan, which controlled the caravan trade. The site of Hegra was the principal southern city of the Nabataean kingdom, famed for its spectacular monumental tombs. Today, Old Town AlUla is an abandoned labyrinth of streets tightly packed to create a defensive wall, and seemingly built over an ancient settlement.

This largely undiscovered expanse holds a timeless mystery that has been carried through its complex history. Layer upon layer of human history and a wealth of natural wonders are waiting to be explored from dramatic rock formations and sand-swept dunes to archaeological ruins that trace the lives of the ancient cultures who built cities here.

Soon, this land will be yours to discover.

The World’s Masterpiece | Experience AlUla

Fotos: Copyright Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU)

KATAR – NEW Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas

A relaxing stay with moments that matter

Sprawling across 3.5 km of picturesque private beaches, our new Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas awaits. Bright white and blue exteriors blend with traditional Arabian style and lush gardens for a luxurious escape. Stay in a private beachfront villa and enjoy the marina, luxury spa, swimming pools, over 20 on-site dining venues, and access to Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park.

St. Regis Hotels Heralds a New Beacon of Luxury on the Nile with the Opening of the St. Regis Cairo

St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, part of Marriott International, today announced the highly-anticipated opening of The St. Regis Cairo. Rising tall on the banks of the River Nile, The St. Regis Cairo is an illustrious icon weaving a powerful story of luxury in the region. Located at the North end of the Corniche, in the heart of Egypt’s bustling metropolis, the 39-story hotel offers easy access to the magnificent monuments of a city steeped in history.

“Egypt has historically been one of our key markets and strategically significant to our growth in the region,” said Satya Anand, President for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Marriott International. “Cairo is a storied destination that has long mesmerized the global traveler with its incredible energy offering a vibrant mix of history, culture, tradition and glamour. The St. Regis Cairo is an exciting addition to our fast-growing brand portfolio and is set to elevate Cairo’s luxury hospitality landscape with its remarkable design, uncompromising service, and exceptional culinary venues.”

Marriott International Hotel

Eng. Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Attiyah, CEO of Qatari Diar commented, “We are delighted to strengthen our global portfolio of hospitality developments with the opening The St. Regis Cairo. This luxury landmark will introduce higher standards of hospitality to this beautiful destination with its unparalleled levels of luxury and exceptional service – both of which the iconic St. Regis brand is renowned for.”

Modern Egyptian Grandeur
With its striking architecture, created by renowned architect Michael Graves, The St. Regis Cairo firmly establishes itself as a pivotal landmark in the city and beyond, carefully balancing opulence with refinement and elegance to evoke a profound sense of grandeur. Uncompromising in its decadence, the hotel is an exquisite reflection of a passionate vision that conscientiously draws on the city’s influential and storied past while confidently introducing its vibrant future.

Graceful geometric lines flow throughout the interiors, creating a repeated structural motif that quietly references the heritage of the region. Dark wood and rich textures combine with intricate embroidery, bejeweled paneling, bronze and wood carvings embellished with flashes of shimmering gold, mother of pearl inlays and imposing crystal chandeliers creating a dramatic Egyptian aesthetic with modern execution. A striking mural entitled “The Pink Sun” graces The St. Regis Bar. Staunchly modern in its execution, the mural references ancient Egypt and the birth of a modern civilization.

The hotel’s approach to design pays particular homage to the hundreds of craftspeople who dedicated their time and handiwork to perfecting each and every detail offering a distinctly modern vision that immerses guests in moments that are simply awe-inspiring.

Marriott International Hotel

Opulent Accommodation
The St. Regis Cairo boasts of 286 lavishly appointed rooms and suites and 80 luxurious apartments, that offer unmatched indulgence. Three expansive Royal Suites define opulence, with plush interiors featuring a private fitness room, sauna and floor-to-ceiling windows offering panoramic Nile views. All guestrooms and suites enjoy the signature St. Regis Butler service, one of the most visible representations of the brand’s famed level of anticipatory service and personal attention.

Exquisite Culinary Experiences
The hotel is an engaging lifestyle destination with refined taste making offered at a diversified selection of restaurants, bars and lounges La Zisa is a modern and relaxed dining space that offers authentic Southern Italian cuisine where guests can enjoy their dining experience overlooking bright views of the Nile. Tianma takes you on a journey to Singapore and is a melting pot of exquisite flavors from China, India and Southeast Asia. The renowned J&G Steakhouse offers a sophisticated collection of steakhouse favorites, premium meat cuts and fish sourced from around the world; expertly prepared and grilled to perfection. The poolside restaurant and bar, Sirocco, is the ideal place to enjoy a cocktail with a selection of Mediterranean and Egyptian dishes. For urban and chic lounge lovers, Envy is an enchanting and glamorous venue with bejeweled décor for a special night out.

The Library, embellished with artefacts, rich furnishings and books, offers a quiet corner for guests to seek a moment’s respite. The Water Garden, with its authentic Egyptian interiors, is poised to become a gathering place for both global luminaries and the local social vanguards be it for the signature Afternoon Tea or the Evening Ritual. The iconic St. Regis Baris inspired by the King Cole Bar at the brand’s flagship in New York, where the world-renowned Bloody Mary cocktail was born in 1934. It features an exclusive selection of the world’s finest champagnes, rare vintage wines, hand-crafted cocktails, and the hotel’s own rendition of the signature St. Regis Bloody Mary, infused with exotic taste and fragrance of the Hibiscus flower.

Rejuvenation for the Body and Soul
Spanning more than 1000 square meters, the St. Regis brand’s signature Iridium® Spa enables guests to indulge in a range of transformative treatments and bespoke signature experiences in a tranquil and inviting environment. Thermal therapy areas have been carefully designed for stimulating sensory experiences with a special range of unique facilities including sauna, steam, ice room, shock shower, adventure shower and a vitality pool. The St. Regis Cairo also features a well-equipped Athletic Club and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The Address for Bespoke events
The Astor Ballroom, with its curved, grand staircases that surround a strikingly imposing Swarovski chandelier provides a dramatic backdrop for weddings and celebrations. With a vaulted three-story high ceiling, the 990 square meter Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 1000 guests. The hotel also houses 10 flexible and elegant meeting venues with state-of-the-art technology.

With magnificent corridors, elegant venues and refined taste making, the hotel is set to play host to an array of important social moments and signature rituals. Bespoke and personalized services are delivered with a traditional finesse that embodies the spirit of both the location and the St. Regis brand. By paying particular attention to how it blends together these spaces, St. Regis Cairo is able to achieve a natural balance of both grand and intimate, yet bespoke moments for guests.

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