SFAT : Zuri Zanzibar Hotel & Resort

Nestled on a beautiful west-facing beach overlooking the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and designed with an African touch.

Nestled on a beautiful west-facing beach overlooking the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and designed with an african touch and enviromentally-friendly architecture.

The resort offers an amazing beach experience and the lush greenery and local landscaping completely embrace the essence of Zanzibar.

A truly unique concept away from the stresses of their normal day-to-day life.


The hotel is a villa and bungalow based concept.

The well-known designers Jestico + Whiless have elegantly combined 21st century luxury tourism requirements with environmentally friendly architecture and the unique atmosphere of the island of Zanzibar.

The property is an outcome of 10-year passion of  Czech entrepreneur, art lover, and filmmaker Václav Dejčmar, who while creating the project took inspiration from a typical village atmosphere, epitomizing modern-meets-traditional African design.The high-luxury experience features seven sunset-facing restaurants and bars, a full yoga and wellness center, an infinity pool, a water sports center, and a book and movie collection specializing in rare art house films.

Each villa and bungalow is separated from another to attain absolute privacy, and all of them outfitted with outdoor showers and large terraces. The size of the plot could easily accommodate twice as many houses, but the owners decided to build only 55 of them.

Nestled on a west-facing slope, most of the units enjoy direct sea-views whilst a few offer a partial ocean view or are located amongst the tranquil tropical gardens.

The ceilings reach for the sky: African-style roofing delivers a breathtaking cathedral-like feeling over your bed and cannot be compared to anything you would find in busy Western cities.

On the other hand, being so far away from civilization, the owners do not want to compromise the quality of your connection with the rest of the world, which is why own dedicated fast internet line was built to the mainland.


The property offers 46 bungalows6 suites and 3 private villas, all surrounded by tropical garden to help the guests relax and rejuvenate.

Some of the villas offer full or partial vie to the Indian Ocean, once the others heal the senses within the lush greenery. Lay down on your private terrace to disconnect yourself from the world.

The property is 100% non-smoking property, hence you may stay assured that you will clear your mind here.

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