These are the world’s most popular romantic attractions…

Romantic attractions around the world have seen millions of lovers flock to these most desired destinations to pay tribute to love every year. Looking at attractions across the world and right here in the UK, our new research compiled by our engagement flower specialists reveals where these attractions are, that keep romance very much alive.

The Most Romantic Attractions in the World

1. Eiffel Tower – Paris, France
1,303 romantic mentions
There really is no surprise that topping the list is the Eiffel Tower in Paris as the most romantic attraction in the world! Paris is known as the City of Love and this particular monument is seen as a symbol of love due to its incredible construction and breathtaking views across the city, with many couples every year getting engaged under this spectacular attraction. Oh là là!

2. Trevi Fountain – Rome, Italy
1,265 romantic mentions
Coming in second is one of the most famous fountains in the world, the Trevi Fountain, in Rome. The legend of this fountain is all about love and says that if you toss one coin into the fountain you will return to Rome, tossing two coins means you will return and fall in love, and tossing three coins means you will return, find love and marry. Amore.

3. Grand Canal – Venice, Italy
1,154 romantic mentions
The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy comes in third. The Floating City, that it has come to be known as, is known for its vast winding pedestrian streets, seemingly endless canals, couples on gondolas and the beautiful Italian food and drink. It would be hard not to get caught up in the romance of this city.

4. Seine River – Paris, France
1,130 romantic mentions
The Seine River in Paris ranks fourth. Known for inspiring famous painter Monet, the river that stretches through Paris is truly a romantic one. With couples strolling alongside the river or travelling along it on boats, it captures the light of the city beautifully, in both the day and that night.

5. Fountains of Bellagio – Las Vegas, USA
1,120 romantic mentions
The Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas come in fifth on the list. Set inside the 8-acre lake between the hotel and the famous Las Vegas Strip, the fountain combines pyrotechnics and music to create a very impressive water fountain display. Many couples opt to get married on the Bellagio’s balcony overlooking the fountain.
Looking at reviews from Tripadvisor at attractions around the world, we analysed the number of reviews for each landmark that mentions romantic and romance to give us a total number of mentions about a location’s viability as romantic.

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