One&Only Portonovi Montenegro – NOW OPEN

Resplendent at the entrance of Boka Bay, a fjord-like idyll on Montenegro’s Adriatic Sea, One&Only Portonovi is the jewel of Europe’s most fashionable new riviera. A rare nautical playground offering fresh air adventures through sapphire waters, dramatic forest, and medieval towns. Perfectly balanced with chic, water-front relaxation, world-class dining, and pioneering wellness by Chenot.

© Kerzner International

Discover the most beautiful encounter between land and sea at One&Only’s first European resort. Slip into a glamorous nautical lifestyle, exploring rugged coastlines lapped by Adriatic waves and decorated with charming historic palaces. Enter our new sun-soaked Riviera, and be transported as if to another world entirely.

© Kerzner International

Located in the heart of Boka Bay, our 60 acres of sprawling resort overlooks a dramatic coastline of mountain vistas and calm waters, emphasising a sense of privacy and chic palatial living.

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