World Wellness Weekend 2021: Val di Fiemme, from September 17 to 19

The glorious Val di Fiemme is one of the main valleys of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Italy’s Trentino region. It will one of the venues for the event, which will be organised simultaneously across 120 countries from September 17 to 19. This is the first and only time that an entire local area has taken part.

Foto Gaia Panozzo
Wellness flows like pure natural water through the Val di Fiemme, where feeling good isn’t a luxury, it’s an accessible everyday practice. 
An open-air spa nestling among the Trentino Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the valley boasts more than 60 million trees (3,000 per capita), managed since 1111 by the historical Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme. One of the most virtuous local areas in Italy, the Val di Fiemme is a renewable energy district that produces its own clean energy and heads the rankings for the management of waste sorting. There are more than 300 voluntary associations in the area, a productive hub that is unique in Italy for its capacity to transform wellness into an economic engine. 

The Val Fiemme possesses one of the most highly regarded outdoor museums in the world, accessible via the self-styled “seminovia”, a chairlift from which visitors sow biodiversity by scattering seeds over the terrain below. The valley also has a long sporting tradition behind it and will be one of the main host venues for the Milan Cortina Winter Olympics in 2026

It is no coincidence that the Val di Fiemme will be the first and only local area in the world to take part in World Wellness Weekend (WWW), the international event that since 2017 has promoted psychophysical wellness as a lifestyle. The aim is to generate a world wellness movement involving more than 120 countries all together in the third weekend in September, just prior to the autumn equinox, a moment in time chosen as a symbol of balance and harmony.   

For three days, from September 17 to 19, the event will take place in total security in places in which participants will be able to breathe fresh air and soak themselves in the stark beauty of a valley as it unveils itself through experiences, activities, fringe events, lectures and in-depth study organised by the Val di Fiemme Tourist Board in line with the 5 Pillars of Wellness identified by World Wellness Weekend: rest and creativity, nutrition and immunity, movement and vitality, mindfulness and serenity, motivation and solidarity.  

The event will begin at 5pm on Friday 17 with an Inaugural Convention organised by local firms at Casa Starpool (Ziano di Fiemme), the offices of Starpool, a company specialised in wellness and spas that was instrumental in promoting Val di Fiemme’s paticipation in the Wellness Weekend project. The convention will focus on wellness as an engine for economic development.  

The whole weekend, every day from dawn to dusk, will be a succession of excursions into the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the sound of a horn, dance and floral aperitifs, outdoor Kneipp cure paths, regenerative hay workshopsstargazingnight-time walks through the woods to listen to their breathing, and animal care involving horses, cows, goats and sheep.  

The restaurants of the valleys will serve healthy menus specially designed in collaboration with Michelin-star chef Alessandro Gilmozzi, while local hotels will organise themed events and activities. 

There will also be three major events within the event: the Fiemme Namasté Festival – two days of yoga, karate and tai chi – the World Skiroll Championships and Fiemme Cars Free, when the Dolomites State Highway 48 will be closed to traffic for a whole day of environmental awareness and slow rediscovery of the local area. 

World Wellness Weekend in the Val di Fiemme will be an opportunity to discover an area in which wellness is not a moment to set aside in the bustle of daily life but a lifestyle that respects nature and draws inspiration from it every day.