Bansko in Bulgaria is the most searched ski resort in the world

By analysing Google search data for nearly every country around the world for over 1,100 ski resorts the study revealed where each place wants to ski the most. Globally, Bansko in Bulgaria’s Pirin National Park is the world’s most popular ski resort topping the list in 11 countries.

The study compiled a long list of over 1,100 ski resorts around the globe and analysed Google search data for all of them to find out where the world loves to ski. It found that Bansko in Bulgaria is the most popular ski resort in the world, being the most Googled place to ski in 11 countries. The countries most interested in the Bulgarian ski resort are Israel, Kuwait, Northern Ireland, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan and Ukraine. Bansko is located in the Pirin National Park and has quickly become a popular destination for piste fans as it is a very snow-sure destination known for offering excellent snow quality even in the worst seasons.

In third place is Austria’s Obertauern, which was the most googled destination in seven countries. Interestingly, all the countries that search most often for skiing in Obertauern are in Europe. Albania, Austria, Belarus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland and Hungary are the biggest fans of the Austrian ski resort.

Fourth on the list is Zermatt in Switzerland, popular with skiers for its superb long slopes, while foodies appreciate the vibrant culinary scene. Zermatt is the most popular ski resort for Senegal, Costa Rica, Iceland, Malaysia, Singapore and (unsurprisingly) Switzerland.

Study by travel experts from

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